Friday, January 8, 2010

exciting news!

I seem to be lucking out again with the interviews... although so far no jobs as of yet. It looks like I'll be interviewing for a "community manager" position at Ink Foundry next week, and then an editorial internship at Seal Press in early Feb.  While Seal Press' internship is paid and in the publishing industry (aka where I hope to end up for my career), I won't know for a while on that one... so it could come down to hedging my bets a little.  Luckily, the community manager position is mostly telecommute so I wouldn't be schlepping into the city on days when I don't have class!

Also, I've decided that to embrace my passion for crafting/pretty things, I'm going to apply for jobs and internships with event coordinators in addition to my publishing/editing/literary agency applications! Despite my mom's reaction when I told her ("We paid for 4 years at Cal for you to be a party planner?!?"), I know my family will support me in whatever endeavor I choose, as long as I'm happy... and not a stripper.

Speaking of mi madre, she and my dad are en route from LA to come visit for the weekend. They're gonna help me organize and hang stuff up in my new apartment, because apparently this building has no discernible studs in the wall (eek!).  I'll blog bout the home improvement stuff-- replete with pics-- as it happens!

And there's your first glimpse of me (and moms) in Alaska last summer :)

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