Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New home!

I don't think anyone reads this buuuut I've moved (back) to wordpress because it seems more professionally-accepted (aka better for referring potential employers to!)

My new blog is HERE :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


did 15 minutes last night and 20 tonight of the 30-day shred... i think it's called "shred" because it shreds your knees, ouch! Walking to class in the rain/in pain should be interesting, lol.

Off to get my edumakation on :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First day at the new internship = success.
Dude who just did the splits on idol and ripped his pants = not a success.
New blog background = success.
Getting caught in thunder and lightning twice today = not a success.

Over all, interesting day!

armageddon, much?

It's still pouring, power outages are occurring, and my parking lot is flooded. Sweeet. Here's a pretty crazy picture of Strawberry Creek, which runs through the Cal campus-

Stay dry, blogosphere!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

laundry, hail, and 40s.

I decided to do my (massive amounts of) laundry today... which would have been fine, had it not been raining cats and dogs. When I lugged it all into the laundry room, I met a very interesting woman.  I'm not sure if she's homeless or living in the creepy basement that's right below my apartment, but either way she was pretty dirty and definitely not in her right mind, not to mention practically toothless. She started talking to me (albeit I didn't understand anything she said) and as she gesticulated I noticed she was drinking a 40 of beer. At 10:30 am.

Oh, Berkeley.

My classes this semester look to be good though- one is a 10-person seminar, and having to do a research paper for that--on top of my thesis-- is going to suck, but the professor is having us to his house for dinner one night and also wants us to try to publish our papers!  The other class is a huuuge lecture on the cultural history of Broadway, essentially.  It mostly covers the early shows (we'll be seeing South Pacific, West Side Story, etc.), but it should be nice to get my musical theatre fix in on a weekly basis.

Tonight, I bought books for my TWO classes- with a 10% discount on used books, only 2 new books (7% discount on those), and already owning 3 books, I STILL spent $130+. OUCH!!! The worst part is, I'll get maybe $10 at best if I go to sell them back. Publishing houses must really be rich. Guess it's not the worst industry to go into after all!

Also, it's freezing in the apartment. Makes me want to curl up in bed to do my assigned reading for the night...

it's raining, it's pouring

and it's my first day of my last semester at Cal! Eeek!

Tomorrow, I start my internship at North Atlantic, then one more day of classes before my weekly 3-day weekend. Yes!

It's a good thing none of my shows are on tv tonight... I have to read, get my books/readers, fold laundry, make lesson plans for the physics study group, and work on the online class!

The physics class I'm helping with is called "Physics for Future Presidents," and it's podcast for free on iTunes. Here's the site: PFFP. It's a great and totally useful class for everyday life. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in current events and understanding things like nuclear energy, global warming, and even how air conditioners work.

This semester, I'm taking a class on the cultural history of Broadway... expect lots of random bway-related facts :)

Off to get ready for class, hasta pasta!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

golden globes...

i want to BE her...

diana is sooo prettyyyy.

Also, NPH is adorable and I love him even more after he sang in the 100th himym episode-